9.risa chan(non-registered)
Wonderful Web page Continue the very good work. Thanks a lot.
Very nice site!
Brilliant colours, amazing images! Very impressive stuff. It truly is a whole other world down there 'neath the seas..
2.suncoast007 (AKA. snake)(non-registered)
Impressive Gee, i completed a tafe course in photo imaging with my career path as a sports photographer, but equipment costs were a killer. I am interested to know did you use a water housing for the underwater shots or a dedicated underwater camera.

Keep up the good work... sunny..
wow is this what you do for a living?i was a good photographer with an 35mm but these new digital cameras have the old fella a bit confused.let me know when you head this way.i know where you can see leafy sea dragons in knee deep water,and host a visit to port lincoln.cheers dave
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